Why Buy Fresh Fish When Frozen Is Cheaper

Why Buy Fresh Fish When Frozen Is Cheaper?

These days, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on food. There are good reasons for this. Agribusiness has flourished over the years, but it’s also become quite reckless. Many agribusiness companies absolutely ruin the areas of the environment that they use, leaving very little for future generations. Naturally, one person can’t fix everything. One person can’t even completely fix one thing.

However, one person can do something, such as buying fresh fish. Why buy fresh fish? There are several reasons.

First and foremost, fresh fish is going to be much more tasty and flavorful. When fish is frozen, many of the chemicals, proteins, and amino acids that give it the flavor get broken down. Even when thawed and cooked, the fish becomes rather flat and flavorless. Fresh fish doesn’t have that problem. You can taste the whole flavor of the fish, and it’s wonderful.

Fresh fish is generally more expensive than frozen fish, and you have to use it more quickly. This makes many people think that frozen fish is the better deal. In the short term, it is. However, long term it’s not. Frozen fish tends to come from certain areas, which are then over-fished in order to meet the demand. This does mean fresh fish won’t give you as many options as frozen fish, but fresh fish will come from nearby areas. You won’t have to worry about contributing to the over-fishing and degradation of the environment when you’re buying fresh fish.

Fresh fish is also healthier than frozen fish. Again, the freezing process tends to break down a lot of the proteins in fish, which in turn breaks down much of the nutritional value. Fresh fish doesn’t have that problem. Fresh fish gives you the entire protein count of fish, as well as all the flavors and other nutrients.

Not only that, but fresh fish allows you to support your local companies. Fresh fish can’t be shipped in from a great distance, because fish doesn’t last very long when it’s not frozen. This means that when you buy fresh fish instead of frozen, you’re buying fish from a business that uses your money in the local economy. You won’t have to worry about your money going to some large business in another state, or even another country. No, your money will be fed back into your local area, to be spent and used by local companies. This will help enrich your home area, helping you build your area in the long term.

So why buy fresh fish? It may not be cheaper, and it may not be easier. However, it is tastier, as well as healthier. If you’re eating fish for health benefits, then you need to buy the fresh fish. It also helps you take care of the environment, allowing you to make sure you’re not using fish from an over-fished area. Not only that, but it helps you feed money into your local economy. If that’s not enough to get you to buy fresh fish, then you may not care about fish or the world around you.